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Audiobook Review / Pride and Prejudice

An utterly absorbing audio version of Jane Austen's arguably most popular and timeless tale, brilliantly narrated by the excellent Lindsay Duncan.

Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy relive their eternal romance again through ear candy, and I don't think a synopsis of this story is needed here.. I think as an audiobook, when masterfully controlled by an experienced actor such as Duncan, Pride and Prejudice has an incredible air of modernity. It suits the audio realm effortlessly, the wonderful grasp of both humour and drama, desperation and romance woven with joy and suspense, complementing the wonder of clever sentences and witty dialogue.

Though sensibilities, society and culture have altered over the past couple of centuries, there is still an indelible air of recognisable Englishness in the writing and execution of interaction that is impossible to ignore through our modern expression, especially that satirical wit for which Austen is so admired. It's so rare that I listen to novels on audio (I tend to stick to non-fiction) but I'm now going to look for other audio versions of Austen and see if there are equals in performance by other actors. I think it depends on the book, but I'm certainly open to the exploration.


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