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Book Review / Because of Him (Fortunate #1)

I was introduced to Jessica Roe’s work with her debut novel Undone (which blew my socks off) and even though modern romance stories (that aren’t fantastical, mystical or otherwise weird) aren’t really my thing, I decided to chance it on an author I’m happy to chance, and so I snuck this one in.

Utterly wonderful. I was loathed to have it end, but satisfied with the conclusion after experiencing a rollercoaster ride with blasé, stubborn and thoroughly independent Blair, and the sweet, nerdy history teacher, Silver (history is my thing, that is hot). I don’t have any real basis for comparison for my lack of modern NA or YA romance reading, but everything about it pretty much hit the nail square on the head from what I’d want from it.

Interesting characters (especially Granny Yo, amazing lady) and enough heart and drama and quirks (a bit of astronomy also thoroughly welcome) to give them all measured layers and depth as the story progressed. Any moments where the story lagged are mostly made redundant because of the author’s infectious style and strong voice, and I found myself desperately page turning in places I shouldn’t, like at work, at the end of lunch breaks when I should have been back to work, or that hour after I should have been sleeping before work... The only thing that didn't work for me (and it won't spoil) was a moment where Silver defies knowledge in some important things he's learnt about Blair and misplaces blame (again, in a massive way) - the age he was he should know better! But whatever, you can't please everyone, it certainly didn't stop me reading.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting through the Guardians sequel, United, but I wouldn’t be averse to revisiting the Fortunate series in the near future. Even if you’re not sure about romance books, it’s likely something will ensnare you in this book. Enjoy it for what it is, and don't take it too seriously, readers! ;D

Jessica Roe keeps her place as one of the most vibrant Indie authors I’ve read with a talent for punchy and sarcastic humour, and I’m thankful she isn’t restricting her genres.


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