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Book Review / Darkmere

It was almost pointless to read this. None of the story arcs or characters, really, were strong enough to draw me in to give much of a damn, and many of them - such as the more interesting Elinor journey - were entirely unfulfilled.

It's pretty damn irritating when you get quite an marginally interesting lead up and then, knowingly, the author just decides not to tell you the out of 'mystery'. This book was not strong enough to justify this kind of pissing about - I want to know with certainty what happened to Elinor in the end. If only because it meant she stopped being a drip and grew some gonads.

And what was the crap with Kate being so stuck up as being seen as clever? She's in public school for God's sake, being a little smart arse is the entire point of them. The story might have worked better if the cast were Comprehensive kids...

If you are bored and need to pass the time with something that is almost the furthest you can get from taxing on the brain, then this'll keep you occupied for a few hours. Or, if you are mildly intoxicated as I was for part of this book, it actually improves it. It's not badly written, just mostly uneventful, and so much more could have been made out of it.


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