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Book Review / False Flags over Europe: A Modern History of State-Fabricated Terror

Did you like The Matrix? did you think, wow, what a complex, enduring, thought-provoking film, with just enough action, suspense and heart to keep you hooked until the last moment?

I love The Matrix. Though in 1999 I was absolutely mind-blown and utterly confused at the whole thing. I had to see it again to let it sink in, though it didn't really sink in for a long time. For most people, being able to process the big questions modern life is much like this.

The problem is most people still live in a matrix, where mainstream media, movies and TV structure, like a vast swathe of machines, most of their thoughts and decisions. You think I jest? You might think you're not one of those people. Unfortunately, most people who believe they'd be Oskar Schindler under occupation would actually be the Nazi pointing a gun at him. It's a shame, but it's the truth.

Right now, I expect you're fuming, thinking I have no idea who exactly you'd be in WW2 and absolutely you'd be Schindler! Wouldn't everyone! How dare you! Sure. Then I'd invite you to go ahead and ask yourself if you recently locked yourself away at a moment's notice because some guy in your government said to. Did you? Because if you did then you might just be one of the 'I'm just doing my job' people. Now look at the MSM as if it's enemy, the one telling you the 'truth' of what happened, when in reality they were feeding you the story. The propaganda. I'd invite you to listen to yourself daily in conversation with your friends or family, and consciously note how many times you reiterate the mainstream media's view on things. The prime minister or president's view on things. The UN or WHOs view on things. Then step back and decide whether your view is actually your view from your research. If you deny you do (I don't, I certainly used to, and I don't blame you) then you may not be ready for this book. But you need it.

Dr. Nick Kollerstrom does this for a living. Thrown out of his college at Oxford for questioning the narrative of the Holocaust - questioning, I repeat, and I for one believe everything can and should be questioned - he spends most of his research investigating the deception of reality and governmental smokescreens, and anyone familiar with his work will be well aware he isn't afraid to venture anywhere for the truth. And he does an excellent job of it.

Covering fifteen terror events between 1992 and 2017, including recent memory of 7/7, Woolwich (Drummer Rigby), Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan and Westminster Bridge, Kollerstrom takes us on the journey of the events from the mouths of the media and governments, to the faux trials and inquests. The book questions surprisingly missing CCTV, practice runs of similar, and sometimes identical, dry runs just before (or on) the days of these attacks, and impossible physical evidence that could not have possibly have occurred with the mainstream narrative's reported devices, such as provably false 'bomb' claims. That and inquests without post-mortems (how?), trials without defendants and eyewitnesses ignored or barred from attending. When a narrative has to be spun, or the truth is actively hindered from public domain, then you can almost guarantee a cover up.

I will admit, when it came to the Drummer Rigby (Woolwich) event, I still felt the pull of the MSM. The evidence and breakdown of the severely emotive event, including strange discrepancies of Rigby's life and of the events on that day, have certainly allowed me to step back and reassess everything I see.

On the surface, the evil goings-on of terrorism - nowadays, more often than not, 'Islamic terrorism' - are clear. These people hate the west and all it stands for and want us dead and gone, apparently. Sure. And can anyone say any different of the wars against the Middle East from a Western perspective? What if these occurrences were sanctioned by states, foreign and domestic, to push for the eternal Orwellian War, and ensure our hard-won historic peace is only ever a pipedream? What if these terrorist attacks were mere theatre, puppets, smoke, mirrors and media manipulation? If you don't believe we could ever live in a dystopia, look around right now at 2020.

Some people hate the West. Some people hate the Middle East. Some people hate the world in general. And this is used to manipulate and divide. I do believe people die in relation to some of these attacks, but it the real how and when that needs to be explained. I also believe many who we are told died, did not. And that the people who allegedly carried out these attacks did not. Because the evidence overwhelmingly argues against it.

Once upon a time I believed what I saw on the TV too, but when you can see your way through the manipulation and lies you can never unsee it. You can never stop questioning the events that are unfolded (and I use this word intentionally) before your eyes are manipulated to the point no-one could ever really prove who did it.

Problem - Reaction - Solution.

Though the book is excellently referenced, there were some parts where I thought a reference would be handy to distinguish the author's voice from the evidence. This was rare, but it disappointed me when it occurred, as I like to chase up things on the spot sometimes.

All in all, I've been delving into the unexplained, strange and sinister for some years now, and this was a wonderful overview of some of the things we should perhaps revisit when seeking alternative and independent perspectives. The truth really is stranger than fiction. If you want to start seeking the 'why', then take the objective stance and read this book.


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