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Book Review / The Lost World (Jurassic Park #2)

Not utterly blown away by this - the film was dire, this was a bit more interesting, but mostly highlighted the fact that we cannot just not touch stuff we shouldn't. I can't believe it wasn't entirely purposeful on Crichton's part to make all these scientists so obsessed with finding out how the dinos ticked that they missed the bit where THEY'RE GOING TO EAT YOU.

They constantly did the dumbest things (in the name of learning and against any sane person's better judgement...) and there was some forcefulness of point to it from the writer - everyone, even the smartest people, turn utterly divvy when they think they're safe and invincible. Like perfectly balanced people turn to maniacs on the road because a metal vehicle makes them feel safe.

I think what I got from this (which, as a woman, I'm quite familiar with) was that we are very, very good at talking ourselves into the logic of an illogical situation ('oh, it's fine, I can handle the car at this ridiculous speed in the rain/ice/snow etc., I've done it before) but not so good at talking ourselves out of an idiotic decision regardless of external factors. We can't see the T-Rex from the trees, and then suddenly sixty-car pile-up. So, yeah, kind of nice to watch really 'smart' people eff it up so constantly that more average people can say you feckin' fooools. But pretty boring waiting for them to do something a bit more interesting. I think Crichton managed to make dinosaurs kind of meh here.

So for package in general, low rating. An entire point goes to Sarah Harding purely because she was way more fun than the other characters and just got the hell on with trying to escape without whinging. And boy did they crap that up something rotten in Hollywood! I don't care how stupid the whole thing was, she was awesome.


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