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Book Review / The Marquess' Masquerade (Dastardly Lords #2)

There's not massive amount for me to add after the previous books I've read of du Bois'. I always enjoy them, they always hit the mark, and are rounded off neatly to satisfaction. The right amount of humour and fun is balanced with off-limits sexy and quiet tenderness. This one followed the story of Constance, Lorelei's (from The Scoundrel's Secret Siren, DL #1) younger sister, who is about to have her paintings shown at the RA. Talented, confident and unwilling to compromise her future, Con was a wonderful heroine who never lost her draw, and the dastardly lord of the piece, Athelcroft the rake, unwound into a severely likeable hero. After he is given her space at the RA for his work instead, Con dares to insist that he return it. He agrees...with conditions. They must falsify a romance and engagement to fend off his pushy mother's insistence of a wife. Fun and frolics follow, and normally straight as an arrow Con is turned secretive and sneaky, while Athelcroft's non-committal attitude is turned inside out. I don't read a massive amount of modern (or otherwise) Regency romance, so I rarely have a basis for comparison. But who cares, these are completely to my taste already. If you've never tried, or maybe never liked, a book in this genre pick up one of Du Bois'.


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