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Book Review / The Witch of Glenaster (Glenaster Chronicles #1)

Wrapped in beautiful prose and rich description, The Witch of Glenaster is an absolute gem of a novel - it delivered on every level. It's an expertly woven tale of a young girl who is propelled into a journey of revenge with her younger brother to hunt and kill the mythical witch.

Esther is brave and bold, with all the necessary inquisitiveness and matter-of-fact ways of a twelve-year-girl (I was one, I can vouch) and never once did she disappoint me, I was rooting for her the whole way.

For me, the witch-hunt is just the catalyst - the real story rests on the touching friendship that Esther, as a child in an adult's world, finds with Thomas Taper who, with bravery and secrets of his own, finds her a formidable companion and agrees to be her protector as they both make their way towards Glenaster. (To be honest, I'm probably a little bit in love with him.)

I loved the classic unravelling style with vivid descriptions, and the episodic structure gave bursts of wonder and excitement enough to keep the flow - it sucked me in without pause. I didn't want to put it down until the rubbish bits of life (work and sleep) forced me to. I hope there is a chronicle 2 in the works - more please!


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