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Book Review / Generations Beyond (Project: Generations #1)

I'm trying to get through my indie books on my Kindle and this was first on the list.

It's rare that I don't finish a book, as I tend to read anything through the the end even if I'm not liking it; there's a rounded perspective I prefer.

Unfortunately, I'm done with this story. I actually started it quite a long time back, but was pulled away for various reasons. December is my reading month this year, so I thought I'd get back on it, as I remember being interested in where it was going. I was all geared up for some kind of X-Men/Heroes adventure trope, but it just turned into some unnecessary erotica (I'm at about 50%) after chapters and chapters of endless--and not particularly charming--flirting. I'll read anything, so this ain't no prude thing. But when you're sold a sci-fi action adventure based around mutations, and it started out good and heading towards this direction, but actually get one based around a character trying to work out why the other can't be touched just so he can screw her...?

This is the issue. It took less than 50% of the book for one character to find out how the other one's mutation can basically be turned moot, so great, no suspense and no real tension to build now they know they can screw. This story was basically just a vehicle to get two characters together, and write hardcore sex scenes, which was a disservice to them both as they started out interesting. Just write an erotica sci-fi or a romance, there's nothing wrong with doing that, but please don't sell it as science fiction.

I'm disappointed because I love the premise. I've always liked stories in the vein of X-Men and genetic engineering, and I wanted to read the story that's in the blurb. The writing isn't bad (but could have been polished better), but you go with it. The reason I stopped is because there is no way to rebuild the tension between them, and therefore nothing for me to root for. It makes for a boring second half, so I'll move on.


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