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Indie Author Podcast Interview - Hadder Martinez, writer of The Symphony of the Sephira Series

Many apologies to the my guest, Hadder, for the delay in this podcast broadcast. A lot of issues, technical and otherwise, over the past couple of years has been instrumental in ruining the plans of releasing it earlier. Nevertheless, here it is, only marginally tarnished by a bad audio rip that snipped off the very end, but just as fun to listen to as it was to record!


Hadder Martinez is the Author of the Symphony of the Sephira Series

Today's interview is with Hadder Martinez, author of epic fantasy series Symphony of the Sephira.

An extremely rich and complex world was created for The Horn of Dawn, wonderfully written and full of almost endless creativity. Balancing out a large cast with thankless and dangerous tasks, we begin on the deck of the Kajak, under the command of Captain Dorav (of a respected knight brotherhood known as the Ashuri) and on its way to the fortress known as Shipbreaker Sharn. The continuing story is perfect for those who love rich and complex world-building, multiple fantasy races and darn great storytelling.

We talk about his journey from playing Dungeons and Dragons into writing epic fantasy and complex worlds, the artistry and experience of the writing process, and the perils of characters refusing to do as they're told.


To learn more about the world this novel takes place in and for some free content, visit:

My name is Hadder. I have two great passions in life; travel and writing. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, a part of me is perpetually caught in a vast world of my mind's creation -- Darbretora. Everything I experience in my wanderings siphons its way back to this place.

The world grew over time until its people, places, and sordid history eventually filled more notebooks, journals, and random scraps of paper than I could count. This world is my home away from home. My hope is that you'll visit and enjoy your stay. If you do wander in however, tread with care. This world is old and rife with dangers.


If you're interested in a podcast interview, get in touch!


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