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Indie Author Podcast Interview - R.Janet Walraven, author of Connect for Classroom Success

R.Janet Walraven is the Author of Connect for Classroom Success amongst other books!

Today’s interview is with former teacher, R. Janet Walraven, who’s written both a teaching manual called Connect for Classroom Success, and a historical romance called Rainbow of Promise. We discussed her swathes of teaching experience, the fascinating journey of writing her parents’ romance, and the constant pressures for new writers navigating the indie arena.

Contact Janet:

Twitter - @walraven_janet


R. Janet Walraven, M.Ed., is an award-winning writer with 35 years of K-12 teaching experience. She has a passion for connecting all of the players in the education field. Teachers and parents will appreciate learning how to work as a team with a focus on what is best for the student. Yes, it is possible to experience JOY in teaching and JOY in learning. Mission: for each book purchased, the author gifts a book to a teacher or parent. The mentoring book is CONNECT FOR CLASSROOM SUCCESS. This book won the Silver Award with Readers' Favorite International Book Awards.

The companion piece is LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down. The appeal is to those who have experienced or known someone who has been marginalized as a mentally challenged person. You will find HOPE in this book.

You will enjoy the historical romance novel, RAINBOW OF PROMISE, based on the love story of the author's parents during World War II. The author's children's book, HECTOR AND HELOISE IN PARIS, helps children and adults of all ages visit virtually the world's best museum, the Louvre.

Current work is an anthology of short stories and poems.

The author has lived all over the USA and currently resides in New Mexico with her significant other, Mal. Together, they love traveling, gardening, reading, and writing.


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