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Book Review / Something Real (Fortunate #2)

Though the story wasn't as deep or layered as Because of Him as ever the author's dynamic writing shines. It's my most favourite thing about Jessica Roe's work. It's incredibly natural and readable (and funny), and gives a boost to moments that might not have been so interesting or compelling.

Its nice to have a connection the previous story and branch out to the family. I could not stand Jemma at the start of the book, and it's been a long time since I read Because of Him but recall there were some clashes between her and Blair - characters like her properly annoying to me. But the point of smart writing is to be able to evolve with and change your mind about an irritating character in symphony with a character changing her mind about herself. Certainly this makes for an enjoyable read.

I will work my way through this series gradually, but as I return for each fix, at least I'm fairly sure I won't be disappointed.

As an aside, I love the way Roe got in the word "pudding" as an affectation from the English mum. Always nice to hint back to the motherland. ;D


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