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Not all us authors are artists. Not all have the time and the resources to get artwork prepped for their baby. 

Instead, have a look at Loyal Lyre's catalogue of pre-made covers, and if there's something that grabs your attention send us a message.


Or if something is good but isn't quite perfect, get in touch! We can probably make something from scratch.

Our fees are reasonable and always uniquely licensed - nobody will ever share your book image.


The top tier for pre-made covers


  • Contact for your preferred pre-made template or cover image from our catalogue below, or advice on your design and requirements


  • Full ebook cover template to Kindle size guidelines

  • Custom title, series and author name 

  • Preferred titles location on cover

  • Preferred typeface

  • Full communication of requirements before template completion

  • Two revisions from of a choice of:

    • Typeface style changes​

    • Typeface location changes

    • Cover image colour/saturation etc

  • A full hard copy cover may be negotiated in addition to an ebook cover

  • Licensing to use the cover completed cover image for commercial use

Already agreed with the bookbinder?
Leyna COMP.png

Custom prices start at £30

All covers are customised, drop us message for your dream cover!

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