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Loyal Lyre is brand and not a company. We is used in the royal sense, and as such the single human handling your data will NEVER share it, NEVER sell it and NEVER expose details, agreements or contracts with third parties.

It is a normality in this day and age that a lot of information can be sent over the internet, and so though we can  remove what we can, we cannot wipe all our interactions ever clean from the Web. Use of our services is subject to Terms & Conditions, but sensitive data will never be put into the public forum.

If you wish for data held by Loyal Lyre to be removed from this website's records this is easily done by contacting

Kindly note, anywhere you have interacted with outside services, including those used for service payments, they have their own Privacy policies in place and Loyal Lyre cannot be responsible for those.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy data and Loyal Lyre, please get in touch.

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