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A proofread is also called a level 1 edit. If you want to get technical, it's an edit that looks only at ​errors in your manuscript that can be proven to be grammatically incorrect with a dictionary and stylebook. It is not there to correct narrative voice, flow, pacing, tension, drama or anything else emotionally involved with your story. Of course, correcting this can have positive effect on your writing.

Proofing comes in the form of your choice of dictionary, and other trusted grammatical sources, to ensure your text reads without those flaws.

A proofread is the very last stage of editing for your book (but not necessarily the final proofing if you have ARCs), and where you can do your utmost so nothing gets in the way of your readers' enjoyment. Proofreads will also not amend anything in your work that removes tone, comprehension or dialect - commentary is always made where conflict of understand occurs.


  • Contact for advice on your manuscript, time and cost

  • A completed manuscript in ENGLISH ready for publishing, but not necessarily beyond ARC stage 

  • A WORD document allowing editing

  • Payment equalling 0.0015GBP per word



  • Full manuscript proofread in WORD

  • Direct amendments within the body of the document for your approval 

  • Any phrases or words not understood will be noted in commentary for correction

  • Your choice of English dictionary - even if it isn't the dictionary used when writing

  • Length of time required depends on ms length

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