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  • Do you still review books?
    Yes! Beta reading and trying to finish the end of my fantasy series has taken up a lot of time amongst a very long couple of years, but drop me a line with the below details and I'll see what I can do: - Amazon link if published - I buy books I review, but only read them on my Kindle - If the book is ARC, and as such a release date That's pretty much it! I have a generally open genre policy, but I don't read poetry or self-help - these just aren't in my expertise and/or interest I'm afraid.
  • Do you still interview indie authors?
    Yes! E-interviews are back on, the podcast interviews are on hiatus until I can sort out my technology, which has failed a lot and ruined some great recordings.
  • Should I be worried about copyright if I buy a service?
    Firstly I have no interest in stealing your work - I have hundreds of thousands of my own words to contend with! Writing is personal, and my voice and your voice almost certainly are massively different. But for your peace of mind, copyright is automatic once your manuscript is complete from the very first draft, or substantially finished to a degree where it would be obviously your work if you were required to prove it. This is covered in the Berne Convention and applies to 181 member countries, which can be found on the World Intellectual Property Organisation's website. With a legitimate supplier, and this does not exclude independents who offer writing services, you should be safe from fear somebody will run off with your hard work, claim it as their own and sell it for profit or even give it away. What you should be careful of are those kinds of scammers who take your work AFTER you publish it. It is very hard to track overall who has stolen a piece of work and therefore hard to get it removed online. It is inadvisable to worry about the literary black market, and if any scammer is inclined to put stolen work on a major site like Amazon, they are far more likely to be exposed, and maybe even identified. Don't worry too much, just be vigilant.
  • Terms & Conditions for Services or Products
    All services or products are provided as custom items, and tailored for the needs of the submitting writers' work. Anyone purchasing a beta read must submit their own work for reading. If there is any suspicion work is plagiarised, stolen or exhibits evidence it is computer generated will be deleted. Loyal Lyre does not support theft of work. No refunds are given in these circumstances in return for wasting my time. No guarantee is given for the total length of commentary, report or other feedback - these are always based upon the depth of advice needed for the work. Payments for the Gold Tier Beta Read and proofreading may be made by splitting the total cost 50/50 and paying at the commencement of the read, and when the read and report is due back, unless otherwise agreed. Payments for the Silver Tier Beta Read will be made before commencement of the read, unless otherwise agreed. Jessica O'Toole reserves the right to substitute alternative services or feedback should the submitted work be found not suitable for the original chosen service. Jessica O'Toole reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without advance warning. This does not apply to those already purchasing services before any such changes. All contest terms are in additional to these general terms. Loyal Lyre is a non-profit imprint of Jessica O'Toole, earnings of which are for sustenance and retention of life. Through Loyal Lyre, Jessica O'Toole is not acting as a corporate entity, or otherwise obtaining an income. These terms apply to all services where earnings are created through productivity of labour. No guarantee or promise is given for any service where no earnings are created, eg. free beta reads. Terms will be agreed ad-hoc.
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