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The Prenitian Chronicles

"Once upon a time,

someone said,

Prenitia was grand..."

"Full to the brim with magic and wonder…"

"This book is quite extraordinary, it is a breath of fresh air..."

"This story is pure magic, and I’m very pleased to learn there’s more still to come…”

"No book has engrossed me so much since Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’."

"I absolutely adored the first, and this was just as heartachingly beautiful."

"We know for sure that whatever happens, it won't be the end."

The Fate of Vultures COMP

-- Out Now --

The Fate of Vultures

Of Preludes & Epitaphs: Volume 1

The Price of Sanctuary COMP

-- Out Now --

The Price of Sanctuary

Of Preludes & Epitaphs: Volume 2

"I will make sure this nightmare never happens..."


-- Coming 2024 --

The Bond of Fractures

Before We Fall

Of Preludes & Epitaphs: Volume 3, Part One

"When is a warrior ready?

After thirteen tanes of nothing but practice, or the war cry at one battle?"

Before We Fall COMP
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